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WTM Copy Protection v2.65 / CD, DVD, BD, USB Flash Drive, Picture Protect
History: 2014-10-17WTM Copy Protection V2.622013-09-28WTM Copy Protection V2.61 14.03.2013 release V2.60Change: Virtual room19.12.2012 release V2.59Change: Virtual room size and speed improved 08.09.2012 release V2.58Change: HelpBugfix: Icon Changer changed allways when the selected file exists 17.07.2012 released V2.57New: Updated virtual roomBugfix: Problem with auto updater 27.03.2012 released V2.56New: Updated virtual room (better Win8 support, 32-Bit and 64-Bit)Change: Virtual Room more compatible16.03.2012 released V2.55New: AutoupdaterBugfix: A small problem with the viewer protection09.01.2012 released V2.54Bugfix: A problem with the virtual room and Win804.01.2012 released V2.53New: Win8 supportNew: Virtual Room is more fasterNew: Modified the file-crypter and file-compressorBugfix: Fixed a problem that german not selectable when multi-lang not selected beforeBugfix: Fixed a problem with showing log window to bottom 04.10.2011 released V2.52New: Updated virtual room, more compatible, faster, ...New: Modified the file-crypter and file-compressorNew: Modified the burner and iso creatorNew: french languageNew: italian languageNew: polish languageNew: portuguese languageNew: swedish languageNew: spanish languageBugfix: Start problems on some 64-bit OS with the ACopy GUI only. No problems with viewer!22.06.2011 released v2.51Bugfix: When no multi langauge file selected WTM load english as default now 02.05.2011 released v2.50New: Picture/Document support lot of audio and video formats now with intern playerNew: Burning module in the wizardNew: Viewer Protection - Save the password and password show in the project files tooNew: Picture / Document - Save the password and password show in the project files tooNew: Wizard - Support 35.000 fake files protection need little longer then 800 file protectionNew: Multi-Language-Support with lng text files > WTM folder > languagesNew: HKI1, HKI2 and HKI3 compression can be set direct in Picture and Viewer ProtectionNew: Wizard: Selectable if you would like burn direct a isoChange: Viewer improved the virtual room and more fasterChange: Compression HKI1 to HKI3 at default (first installation only)Change: Signature key (picture, viewer) is harder nowBugfix: Fixed a problem when the protection is disabled and create an isoBugfix: Wizard - Some times a problem to create an iso fileBugfix: German language in the autorun protection windowBugfix: Picture - Picview folder will be cleared everytime when protected 09.12.2010 released V2.47New: Full virtual room for Viewer ProtectionNew: Full virtual room for Picture / Document ProtectionNew: /password command support when /s and /s1 used - ex: Viewer /s myfile.pdf /password MypassBugfix: Picture Protection - Fixed a crash that happend when save passwords enable but empty password on some picturesBugfix: Tools - Create image.imp show the progress correctBugfix: Tools - Create dummy show the progress correct06.11.2010 released V2.46New: Picture Viewer - with document support TXT, RTF, SWF and PDF Viewer includedNew: Wizard - Create dummy sizeNew: Wizard - Create dummy at begin or end of the imageNew: Wizard - Select dummy in parts or one fileNew: Help file "wtm-help.doc" updatedChange: Screenshot - Screenshot and copy protection for the documentsChange: Picture Viewer to Picture and document viewerChange: Picture Protection - No double click on picutres when Thumbnails enabledBugfix: Wizard - Crash when you select files in the left file-field and use video and document protectionBugfix: Wizard - Fixed a problem that created a wrong folder in VIDEO_TSBugfix: Picture/Document Viewer - Do not create PicView folder when thumbnails disabled
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EXE Bundle v3.14
Bundle your applications in one exe file.Version 3.13 - 2013-06-01New: Virtual Room changed, faster, more compatible, ...Change: Virtual room improved and more faster
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Exe Stealth Packer v4.23
Compress your executable files. Version 3.13 - 2013-06-01New: Virtual Room changed, faster, more compatible, ...Change: Virtual room improved and more faster
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Exe Stealth Protector v4.23
Protect your Software against hacker and cracking. Version 4.22 - 2016-07-04Change: Virtual room improved and more faster Version 4.21 - 2014-10-17Change: Virtual room improved and more faster Version 4.19 - 2013-06-01New: Virtual Room changed, faster, more compatible, ...Change: Virtual room improved and more faster Version 4.17 2012-08-09Change: loader 3 and loader 4 make size improvesChange: virutal room Version 4.16 2012-03New: Small improvedBugfix: Target file browse right save dialog now. Version 4.15 2012-03-27New: Win 8 support (32Bit and 64Bit)New: Virtual Room changed, faster, more compatible, ...New: Updated Compressor and CryptorVersion 4.14 2011-06-29New: Virtual Room now faster and code improvedChange: Cryptor - Bind to a drive is now harderBugfix: Some problems with virtual room Version 4.13.a 2011-01-08Bugfix: Embedded Keygen Tool worked now with some functions Version 4.13 2011-01-07Bufgix: Problem with embedded EXETool solvedBugfix: Problem with machineid calling in load.dat and load3.datBugfix: Copy button in machine id worked right in the exestoolVersion 4.12 2010-12-20New: Virtual room for extra protection in the text loaderNew: Virtual room that worked exe and scr files that have extra data at endNew: Include virtual room for files and folders (selectable)New: Help link in the menuChange: Write improved Version 4.11 2010-12-02New: Start Message allow show every variable with %1..%9 - check helpNew: Support texts in the text loader buttons. You can leave empty too.New: Secret command that you can call with your program if started with loaderNew: Leave text fields empty and no messagebox will show - Not on register message boxesNew: Add a resource copy tool to select different files for the protectedNew: Print limit text selectableChange: OpenDialog now in "Create Keygen Tool"Change: /lp command do not show save messagebox before closingBugfix: Problem when "Create stand alone file" disabled fixedBugfix: Problems with the save Button in the Text-ProtectionBugfix: The save button do not double the file extBugfix: EXETool do not supported register names with empty spacesBugfix: WTM Copy Protection Module - "Add folder" fill now in right fieldBugfix: Printer Counter work right nowBugfix: Problem with pdf and swf protectionBugfix: PrinterBugfix: Some text fields got a empty line after protectionBugfix: SWF and PDF files problems with embedded keygenBugfix: SWF and PDF files problems with stand alone enabledBugfix: Fixed a problem in the text loaderBugfix: Now the program do not start one day after Expiry date and not 2 daysVersion 4.10 2010-11-22New: Start protected file on cd/dvd/bd onlyNew: CD/DVD/BD emulator protection includedNew: Start in a root folder only (e:\)New: Physical CD/DVD/BD test created with WTM ProtectionNew: Search protected "File Protection" fake files created with WTM ProtectionNew: Show project idChange: Remove the register title in every protection message boxChange: EXETool - Longer Name and Serial fields now
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News / Press Room - webtoolmaster.com
Press Room / News - webtoolmaster.com 2017-03-04ExeStealth V4.23ExeBundle V3.14WTM Copy Protection V2.65 2016-07-04ExeStealth V4.22 2013-09-28WTM Copy Protection V2.61ExeStealth V4.212013-12-30WTM Register Maker V1.7 2013-09-28WTM Copy Protection V2.61 2013-06-01ExeStealth V4.19ExeBundle V3.132013-03-14WTM Copy Protection V2.602012-12-19WTM Copy Protection V2.59 2012-09-08WTM Copy Protection V2.58ExeStealth V4.16 2012-07-21WTM Copy Protection V2.57 2012-03-27ExeBundle V3.12ExeStealth V4.15WTM Copy Protection V2.562012-01-09WTM Copy Protection v2.54 released2012-01-04WTM Copy Protection v2.53 released 2011-10-04WTM Copy Protection v2.52 released2011-06-29ExeStealth v 4.14 released2011-06-22WTM Copy Protection v2.51 released 2011-05-30WTM Crawler V1.3 released2011-05-02WTM Copy Protection V2.50 released 2011-04-30WTM Crawler V1.2 released2011-01-07ExeStealth V4.13 releasedExeBundle V3.11 released 2010-12-20ExeStealth V4.12 releasedExeBundle V3.10 released 2010-12-14We worked on ExeStealth and ExeBundle and hope that we release a new version this week. We added very interesting things in our developer software. 09.12.2010WTM Copy Protection v2.47 releasedNew: Full virtual room for Viewer ProtectionNew: Full virtual room for Picture / Document ProtectionNew: /password command support when /s and /s1 used - ex: Viewer /s myfile.pdf /password MypassBugfix: Picture Protection - Fixed a crash that happend when save passwords enable but empty password on some picturesBugfix: Tools - Create image.imp show the progress correctBugfix: Tools - Create dummy show the progress correct 2010-12-02ExeStealth V4.11 released. > Programmer software2010-11-22ExeStealth V4.10 released.2010-11-06WTM Copy Protection V2.46 released. The new document protection function protect txt, pdf, rt and swf files.2010-10-31ExeBundle v3.04 released. > Programming languages2010-10-29We worked on a RTF to EXE, TXT to EXE and PDF to EXE converter for ExeStealth. We worked on a better video protection and a own txt, rtf and pdf viewer protection in WTM Copy Protection. We hope that we can release it in november 2010.2010-10-26WTM Copy Protection V2.45 released. 2010-09-26WTM Register Maker V3.6 released. 2010-09-13ExeStealth V4.04 released.2010-08-2810 years WebToolMaster.com “Webtoolmaster.com“ is an Austrian secure Software creator that has been in the market for over 10 years now. Webtoolmaster is primarily known for its software ExeStealth and ExeBundle that have been developed since 1998. People worldwide are now using this copy protection tool to effectively protect their files. Both ExeStealth and ExeBundle have been in existence for the last 12 years and have been regularly getting updates and support till date. Webtoolmaster has also launched a product called WTM Copy Protection which is a powerful tool that can be used to create advanced copy protection systems in standard computers. So you can create effective protection systems all by yourself without any knowledge of complex programming languages. This tool can protect data on cds, dvds, bds, cards, hds and usb flash drives. Webtoolmaster also released the complete Winkhi project which has been a grand sucess. The new crawler project can search for all kinds of information automatically whether it be any mail, contact data, changed website data or anything else on the internet. You can also fill forms and more with this tool. To celebrate its birthday, Webtoolmaster has now introduced a discount offer package which will be available all through 2010. The package includes 5 great products at unbelievablylow prices. Discount Coupon Code: Find it! Use the above coupon code to shop online at www.webtoolmaster.com and enjoy great discounts on Webtoolmaster products. Hurry – this offer is valid only till the end of 2010! 2010-08-28WTM Crawler V1.11 released. 2010-08-19WTM Copy Protection V2.44 released.2010-08-06WTM Crawler V1.1 released.2010-08-05WTM Copy Protection V2.43 released.2010-07-1910 years webtoolmaster.com - discount prices 2010-07-18We work on a new WTM Crawler V1.1. This will be a very large update with lot of new functions. 2010-06-21WTM Crawler V1.0 released.2010-05-31We work on last steps of WTM Crawler tool. We hope we can finish in june of 2010. This tool allowed you crawl automatic in the internet and search keywords, information, mails and more. 2010-05-27WTM Copy Protection released V2.42New: Splitter horizontal in picture viewer between shopping cart and viewNew: Picture Protection: Thumbnails support selectable 2010-04-16We work on a signature tool for CD/DVD/BD (R+/-/RW+/-/RE) in the autorun protection tool. So the autorun can check if the program start on what media. WTM Copy Protection get in release V2.42 follow too:New: Splitter horizontal in picture viewer between shopping cart and viewNew: Picture Protection: Thumbnails support selectableRelease date in unkown. 2010-03-20ExeStealth V4.03 released 2010-02-17WTM Digital Photo Protection V2.41 released 2010-02-11WTM Copy Protection V2.41 released. New: Picture Protection: Subject line in shopping cart and Viewer designerCosmetics: Make all icons transparentBugfix: Some small improvesBugfix: Picture ViewerBugfix: Wizard - File Protection (w. d. c.) 400Mb limit on registered removedBugfix: Close viewer always when wrong crc of viewer.datBugfix: Viewer Protection: Break - About ButtonBugfix: Picture Protection: Save button save wrong picture sometimes Histroy Release V2.40New: Wizard: Renew with own iso image file makerNew: Wizard: Create in one step File ProtectionNew: Wizard: Create in one step File Protection with docu crypterNew: Wizard: Create in one step Video ProtectionNew: En-Disable in picture protection: Save pictures allowedNew: Viewer: Save button for pictures when enabledNew: Viewer: Picture turn 90° rightNew: Viewer: Picture turn 90° leftNew: Viewer: Viewer Designer for textsNew: Picture Protection: Screenshoter protection disable and enalbe selectableNew: Picture Protection: Include 3nd program screenshot protectionNew: Picture Protection: Watermark can inlcudedNew: Picture Protection: Watermark: Selectable font : Font typeNew: Picture Protection: Watermark: Selectable font: styleNew: Picture Protection: Watermark: Selectable font: colorNew: Picture Protection: Watermark: Selectable font: sizeNew: Picture Protection: Watermark: Selectable font: position in x and yNew: User can protect every picture with a own password for saving (prof. version)New: Picture Protection: Password and file list can be save or loadNew: Picture Protection: Generate random passwords for every pictureNew: Picture Protection: Generate password for picturesNew: Picture Protection: Automatic password remover or disablerNew: Picture Protection: Shopping Cart system to sell picturesNew: Picture Protection: Zoom disable and enable selectableNew: Better CRC Protection for Viewer.datNew: Tools: Include an anti compress dummy file creatorNew: Autorun: AddFiles - Messagebox to add folders before the filename automaticBugfix: Picture Viewer: WTMPIC.DAT not found problemBugfix: Picture Viewer: Error message when click on wrong pictureBugfix: Password field not show right the password form titleBugfix: Picture Protection: When autorun disabled sometimes protection failedBugfix: Viewer Protection: When autorun disabled sometimes protection failed 2010-01-20We plan to release WTM Copy Protection V2.40 in this month. New are a one click protection wizard and lot of new functions in the picture protection. We do not release V2.36, because we inlcude this new features now so next release is V2.40. 2010-01-07ExeStealth V4.02 released. Planned Jan/2010 release V2.36New: En-Disable in picture protection: Save pictures allowedNew: Viewer: Save button for pictures when enabledNew: Viewer: Picture turn 90° rightNew: Viewer: Picture turn 90° leftNew: User can protect every picture with a own password for savingNew: Picture Protection: Password and file list can be save or loadNew: Picture Protection: Generate random passwords for every pictureNew: Picture Protection: Generate password for picturesNew: Picture Protection: Automatic password remover or disablerBugfix: Picture Viewer: Error message when click on wrong picture2009-11-30Create and renew the Picture Protection module. New are the selectable save button with password protection. We plan other new functions too. 2009-11-18WTM Copy Protection V2.35 released. 2009-11-16WTM Copy Protection V2.35 last tests. We hope that we release it in some days. We fixed some bugs in the autorun function and inlcude a new function.ExeStealth V4.02 get the last test. We include new fucntions and fixes. He hope we can release it this month.ExeBundle V3.04 we hope we release this program this week.2009-11-11WTM Copy Protection V2.34 released. 2009-11-10New license for WTM Copy Protection exists with no media limit. 2009-10-30Exe Stealth V4.02 is now on RC state. We plan to inlcude: Register Button in EXESTool and in the loader selectable. Some bug fixes and more. 2009-10-09We started the work on next release V4.02 on ExeStealth. New planned function: MachineID, left days, left start,... saved in registry to read them from your programs out. This information are for your programs only and not for exestealth loader. The we planed a better EXESTool to show left days, left start, and more selectable in the program. So the texts in loader can be disabled. 2009-09-19WTM Register Maker 3.5 released. 2009-09-12ExeBundle V3.03 released. We plan a new release for WTM Register Maker this month. 2009-08-31Upload the online help for Exe Bundle (Tutorial) and Exe Stealth (Tutorial). 2009-08-30ExeStealth V4.01 released. New functions: Keygen, Keygen Tool, MachineID, Expiry Date, Bind protected file to a media and more. 2009-07-26ExeStealth V4.0 released. We worked/planned now for full license serial key managment for next releases. 2009-07-21ExeBundle V3.02 final released. 2009-07-15We worked on ExeBundle V3.02 now. We would like to inlcude a own SFX-Loader, Manifest Support, Get System Paths, better Command line support and more. We fix some codes too. 2009-07-14We worked on Exe Stealth V4.0. We incude now Anti Vrtual Machine, that the program do not start it. This function and follow are selectable with own texts. Anti Debugger, CRC, Trial Days, Expension Date, Start Message, Keygens, Serial Support with Hardware and Date and much more. 2009-06-20WTM Copy Protection V2.33 released. Fixed a problem in the installer with Vista. With Win 7 support now. 2009-05-26WTM Copy Protection V2.32 released. 2009-05-25Start testing of ExeStealth V4.2009-05-20Illegal copy of WTM Copy Protection with trojan horses found in the internet. We found cracked versions of WTM Copy Protetion. This version do not worked right, because we have Anti-Crack-Code in our programs. So this illegal versions are shareware version bundled with trojan horses. This trojan steal data from computers. Download WTM Copy Protection always here, do get a right working and clean version of WTM Copy Protection. Contact us when you found this illegal versions, please. 2009-04-19ExeBundle V3.01 released. 2009-04-03We hope that we finish with EXEStealth V4 in April 2009. 2009-04-02ExeBundle our EXE Joiner or File Binder tool get a own SFX-Tool in Release V1.10. 2009-03-20WTM Copy Protection V2.31 released. Smaller and larger buttons in picture viewer now. Little bug fixes. 2009-03-17WTM Register Maker V3.4 released. Support now files larger then 2GB and lot of bug fixes. 2009-03-12Exe Bundle V1.0 released 2009-03-01We worked on or old program Exe Bundle V3 too. We started the tests and hope that we can release final version in March 2009. The program allowed bundle applications (EXE, SCR files) to one bundle with differented functions. Start, Start and wait, extract, and more. 2009-02-22We have now a 30 days free testing for the WTM Copy Protection - Prof. Everybody can test our product 30 days for free. This is a really 30 days full version of WTM Copy Protection (Prof-Version). Every that ordered the tool get 30 days updates for free too. Test it!We would like to release a new version of WTM Register Maker V3.4. There are some bugfixes and 2GB+ file support. The perfomance will be better and some fixes for new OS. We hope that we can release this new version at Feb or March 2009. 2009-02-18We started to work with a new release of ExeStealth V4. If all right then we hope that we can finished the final release in March 2009.
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WTM Crawler v1.32
Crawl and scan the internet automatic. With own script language to control wtm full. Version 1.32 released 2012-03-22New: UpdaterNew: Include the spin commands in the toolbarNew: Script-Command: ExtractAllLinksToResultNew: Script-Command: ExtractLinksToResultNew: Script-Command: LoopIfNotFollowEmptyNew: Add Referer Support Version 1.31 released 2011-07-11New: [url tool] Line counterChange: The article spinner is now very fast.Removed: Article spinner is random now only with power fast spinner Version 1.3 - 2011-05-30New: [url tool] - Url and line cut toolNew: [Article tools] - File spinner toolNew: [Article tools] - Text spinner insert wizard includedNew: [Article tools] > Tools > different operations to change url lists and textsNew: [Article tools] > Tools > remove double lines, ex-/include text in linesNew: More commandsNew: [Article tools] - Word count is sort able now, Copy function includedNew: If command supported in the scripts nowChange: Script field support copy/paste/select all with right mouse clickBugfix: Form Filler Box - Copy all entriesVersion 1.2 released 2011-04-30New: Find phone and fax numbers with the wizardChange: Mail wizard to contact wizardChange: GetTextBetweenInSourceToResult support now to scan all to line end with command empty :""Bugfix: Fixed a problem in ";" Remember Texts. So when you start first char with ; than the line will be ignoriert when a working command afterBugfix: MoveLastLineBeforeInResult work now rightBugfix: fixed a bug in the GetTextBetweenInSourceToResult command Version 1.11 released 2010-08-28Bugfix: Program crashed sometimes Version 1.1 released 2010-08-06New: [Article tools]New: [Article tools] - mix sentences selectableNew: [Article tools] - no and with word wrapNew: [Article tools] - article statisticsNew: [Article tools] - word counter in artice with percentNew: [Keyword tools]New: [Keyword tools] - mix different words with next words in linesNew: [Keyword tools] - blank selectableNew: [Result Box] - Add list from fileNew: [Result Box] - Remove every entry from list that found in resultNew: [Result Box] - Remove every entry from list that found in result (case sensitive)New: [Command] - RemoveLinesFromFileInResultNew: [Command] - RemoveLinesFromFileCSInResultNew: [Command] - CheckDoubleLinesInNew: [Command] - CheckDoubleLinesCSInNew: [Command] - WaitBugfix: Download sometimes files (download disabled) Version 1.0 released 2010-06-21
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WTM Register Maker v3.6
This program allows you to protect important files with cryptographic protection. History: 25.09.2010 Version 3.6Bugfix: Fixed a problem with loader and hardware id on some 64Bit OS 19.09.2009 Version 3.5Icon and version information supported in registered version.16.03.2009 Version 3.4New: Create larger archives than 2GBNew: Add Vista Kombos/DesignBugfix: Loader do not show memo field now15.04.2007 Version 3.3New: Create Hardware SerialNew: Create Random SerialBugfix: A small and important bug
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WTM Digital Photo Protect
2010-02-17WTM Digital Photo Protection V2.41 released
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Copy Protection Service
Copy Protection ServiceThe safest service: we personally provide your copy protection. You are not sure, whether your software or your data is sufficiently protected? The solution is simple, but absolutely reliable: with WTM copy protection service our team takes over all tasks, in order to bring your CDs and DVDs on a current safety level.The order happens in a few steps: you send us all data, which have to be integrated on a CD or a DVD. We provide you briskly an image file with copy protection, which you can arbitrarily often use and burn, without abstaining from up-to-date safety standards. Of course we also provide finished CDs and DVDs, which are provided with the WTM copy protection with image protection. For you it is a saving of time in connection with absolute reliability!Costs: about 250 US-Dollar or moreYou would like to use the WTM copy protection service or you have further questions? Contact us directly by email or phone.Contact: support@webtoolmaster.com
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WTM Software Distribution v1.05
WTM Software Distribution - History:2008-09-04 Version 1.05Change: Now FreewareBugfix: Small bugsBugfix: No vista manifest2007-06-23 Version 1.04Bugfix: Small bugs2007-01-28 Version 1.03Bugfix: Program freeze problem2007-01-20 Version 1.02Bugfix: Online-Checker2007-01-14 Version 1.01New: Save trafficNew: FasterNew: More Archives in registered version: 341New: ProgressbarRemove: Indirect BrowserBugfix: Sometime write filed bud archives have successfulBugfix: Hanging sometimes2007-01-07 Version 1.0First ReleaseDate-Format:yyyy.mm.dd
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Internet Marketing for your products
More customers for your products !We are a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Company operating with the motto of delivering the best back linking services to our customers. We specialise in creating backlinks from directories that will help our customers get the best ranking and the greatest visibility on all search engines, be it German, English or any other international search engine.
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